To Inform, Empower and Inspire Everyday Canadians.

Almost all Canadian mainstream media is owned by large corporations, with their own agendas and interests. Canada has lacked a national, independent, video media forum that can freely tackle our major social, economic, political, and environmental challenges. Until now.

At Just In Canada / Juste Au Canada we’ve created an independent, not-for-profit (pending), alternative online media platform.

In short, we've created a new form of online video journalism.

Our informative and engaging videos:

🍁 Provide well-researched information on important issues;

🍁 Present alternative perspectives and solutions; 

🍁 Promote Canadian innovators, leaders, activists, and change-makers;

🍁 Showcase independent, alternative entrepreneurs and products;

🍁 Stimulate discussion, social activism and community involvement.


For more information on our dedicated team of professionals and volunteers, click here.


We need your help to find social, political, environmental, and eco-business innovators, community activists, educators, and alternative news-makers across Canada.

We also need your help in identifying issues and concerns that matter to you, and what you think matters to other Canadians. We welcome your story ideas.

Email us at: info @ justincanada.ca